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  1. LSOL
    All, I've noticed a resurgence in popularity on the forums for James Gourmet recently, so I thought they would be a good choice for the final LSOL of the current run. We are lucky enough to be getting an LSOL exclusive bean, weeks ahead of it's public release. It has been recommended by Peter...
  2. Coffee Beans
    May's installment of the DSOL brings you a bespoke roast by Peter James of James Gourmet. This is the first time I have organised a roast with Peter but believe some of the original members of DSOL have had the pleasure before. This will however, be a different roast from before. Highly...
  3. Sold
    Evening all, I have two 250g bags of this taking up space in my freezer that I'd really like to swap for some other coffee Its was frozen on same day of receipt so long before it had de-gassed so will still need a few days rest before ready to use. I'd like to swap for something like java...
  4. Pay it forward
    Due to my ever increasing stockpile of beans I've got a 250g bag of last months DSOL James Gourmet beans going spare if anyone wants them. (I'll post them free as I'm feeling unusually generous!?) Let me know if your interested - if I get more than 1 reply by 7pm Sunday then I'll ask my 4 year...
  5. Coffee Beans
    I've become a bit set in my ways with my coffee use. So I would like some advice. Currently I use James Gourmet, Monmouth, Hasbean and sometimes Square Mile. I've also taken out subscriptions with blankbox and pact blankbox in a hope that they can get me started with new roasters. I have also...
  6. Coffee Accessories
    Hi everyone, this is my first post on here and may appear a little strange on a forum for coffee lovers. Please be gentle with me.... I've owned a Gaggia Classic for about a year and love the coffee that it produces. My wife thought it would be a white elephant. She said that she would never...
  7. Coffee Beans
    Just like the title says, do any of you know of any similar type beans from James Gormet that are not acidic and quite fruity but also forgiving? Is Fazenda Samambaia any good?
  8. Coffee Beans
    Have been using decaf beans from one of the favoured suppliers of this forum and the results are very iffy. Not sure if it's my technique (or lack of), but I've seen other threads where users have not talked kindly about decaf. What are the main issues with decaf?
1-8 of 9 Results