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  1. Sold
    Selling both baskets as a package deal for £20 plus £5 delivery. I will throw in the shower screen too. IMS 14/16g Basket IMS 16/20g Basket
    £20 GBP
  2. Sold
    Selling both baskets as a package deal for £20 plus £5 delivery. I will throw in the shower screen too. IMS 14/16g Basket IMS 16/20g Basket
    £20 GBP
  3. Sold
    Hi there, I've recently purchased Gaggia classic pro and extremely not satisfied with stock baskets. Does anyone have a spare for sale? In case you have other accessories please do let me know. Thanks
    £10 GBP
  4. Technical | Faults | How-to's
    Will the world end or will I damage my machine if I use the IMS Competition baskets I had for my Gaggia in the newly acquired Rancilio Silvia PRO? Specifically, I have the B682TH24.5M and B682TH26.5E. Neither fits in the portafilter that came with the machine due to their height, but I'm going...
  5. Coffee Accessories
    So thinking of Xmas, I was considering adding a few coffee items to my list as A: I'm using the machine daily still, B: i can dictate he item and the price allocation (otherwise MIL insists on buying random crap and this year will be worse than usual) Was going to get the other half a rave...
  6. Coffee Accessories
    Hi All. My Gaggia Classic block a is quite pitted over most of its face. I'm looking to replace it. I've read a lot on hear about problems with the Brass blocks that people have had with water distribution and channeling, and was wondering if anybody had tried the IMS Stainless Steel Block and...
  7. Sold
    Torr Tamper - Classic gloss yellow handle with a 58 - 58.4mm ? Convex Base. in great condition. Originally bought from @coffeechap perhaps he knows the size. My vernier is at work. 2 x IMS E61 200im -Shower Screens used but very good condition. Red silicone gasket (new) ECM Shot Glass...
  8. Sold
    This shower screen has only seen light use so the coating is in excellent condition. There is a slight dent in the side caused when removing it for cleaning but this doesn't impact performance. £10 including UK postage.
  9. Sage Forum
    I've just bought and fitted the IMS CI200NT nanotech screen. The diameter is spot on. The only difference is that the countersinking isn't quite so deep so the screw is a little proud. The screen itself sits flat so should give slightly more headroom. I may see if I can find a lower profile...
  10. Gaggia Forum
    Hi All, I was after some advice if I may. I'm running a Gaggia Classic (Rancilio wand and OPV mod) and Mazzer Super Jolly (had it for about a year). I make 2-4 drinks on a weekend day, usually cappuccino / cortado and the odd mid week drink. Would upgrading to an IMS or VST basket make a...
  11. Gaggia Forum
    Good day all. I'm thinking a new basket is in order as the one I have with my Classic is the original and now 12 years old so I'm sure it has seen better days. It will be a double basket to hold between 16-18grams if possible. From my basic understanding am I right thinking that a VMS basket is...
  12. Coffee Accessories
    It's time for the yearly maintenance of replacing my shower screen and gasket and was thinking of ordering a new basket as well so I can get free shipping from vendor. For the IMS nanoquartz baskets they have 2 sizes which are labeled as 16/18 and 18/20. If I do 18g shots which one should I go...
  13. Gaggia Forum
    I'm confused as to which size basket I would be best off with, seems to be quite a range between them. I usually dose between 16g & 18g depending on the beans I'm using
  14. Rancilio Forum
    Hello folks, for today I upgraded the ugly sticking out stock shower bolt and screen for RS. I think it is worthwhile. Cheers
  15. Gaggia Forum
    Hello. I've purchased an IMS competition shower screen and brass group head replacement with a new seal however the flow over the screen is not that uniform. I've tried flipping the group head gasket which had some affect. From seeing other videos, I see that droplets should show uniformly...
  16. Sold
    For sale my beloved Izzo Alex Duetto MkII. This dual boiler machine is a beauty and in fact a beast. Bought second hand and in immaculate condition in 2016 and had previously been bought new from Bella Barista (2010 production model). Selling as I'm not allowed more machines than kids, and I...
  17. Coffee Lounge
    Morning all, I have decided that I fancy a smaller basket. At present I have a 18g VST. Here is what I'm considering: 15g VST (range 14-16g) Fancy this for the challenge that it seems to offer. 15g Decent (range 12-18g) 18g Decent (range 15 - 21) Not heard much about decent baskets...
  18. Sold
    Hi all, after getting an air compressor I am using the Portaspresso much more and therefore, for sale is my Rancilio Silvia, v4 - without the automatic switch off, it is a 230 V version with type F electric plug, together with the Eureka Mignon grinder. I bought both items new in December 2015...
  19. Rancilio Forum
    has anyone any experience with the IMS shower screen on a Silvia?
  20. Sold
    Up for sale is a few odd bits. Torr 58.55mm tamper, flat base with waltnut handle and x1 washer for height adjustment. £65 posted. Black 50cl/500ml teflon coated Motta jug. £25 posted. IMS competition double basket, £15 posted.
1-20 of 34 Results