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  1. Coffee Business Owner Support Forum
    Hi everyone, I have recently decided to start my own coffee exporting business from Vietnam. All our beans are organic and Fairtrade certified. Inhabit Coffee provides green coffee beans worldwide, and we made our first shipment to the UK in 2022. The farmers farm their coffee in a...
  2. Introductions
    Hello everyone here is Amnon, I am so happy to find a platform where i can others opinion and support. I am going to import coffee from Ethiopia, has anyone gone through this process already? i need help please
  3. Commercial | Special Offers
    Hi All, I am looking for one or more UK companies with whom: - I can go into partnership or - can supply me coffee beans with or without packaging and with - private branding / white labeling by using my own brand. In short: I am looking for a supplier(s) or/and a business partner(s). 1...
  4. Coffee Business Owner Support Forum
    Hi, does anyone have any clues about finding estates to import coffee beans from, to the UK?
  5. Coffee Business Owner Support Forum
    With the Pound at it's lowest level ever against the Euro, and a far cry from the €1.40 rates of early 2008, are you affected in any way? Do you import crockery, machines, beans from Europe? Have you seen the costs rise and profit margins tighten? Are you finding that more tourists are...
1-5 of 5 Results