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  1. Sold
    New and unused doesn't come with filters price includes postage
    £25 GBP
  2. Brewed Coffee
    Picked up one of these out of curiosity, didn't have high expectations but it does seem to work well enough with the Hario 02 and Kalita Wave 185. Bloom through the centre section, then later pours using the outer ring. It only took a couple of brews to get ball-park, then a little fine...
  3. Wanted
    Hi all, Does anyone have a Hario drip decanter they are wouldn't mind parting with :)
  4. Sold
    Hario 01 (360ml) glass server in good condition. Includes additional lid. £15 posted - Covid has financially ruined me, so no offers please!
  5. Brewed Coffee
    Anyone know if these are new filters or just a rebrand of existing ones? If a rebrand, which one? Dutch, Japanese tabbed or untagged?
  6. Coffee Accessories
    I'm not really into the linking scales and phone thing but they certainly look pretty cool!
  7. Sold
    I have a brand new and boxed metal V60 up for grabs, in the sleek matte black colour. Will include a pack of natural filter papers also, so you're ready to brew! £35 delivered for the lot. The link below will take you to details of the dripper...
  8. Introductions
    We are today's manufacturer of the originaly british-made CONA Coffee Maker. Following our mid 2017 takeover, we implemented subtle technical changes, having known our famous icon of british industrial design for nearly a century within our former capacity as Cona importer for Holland and...
  9. Sold
    Never been used, £10 posted to mainland UK. Dishwasher safe too - bonus!
  10. Pay it forward
    All sold or listed on eBay. Gaggia Coffee Deluxe - 2003 - 1425W - made in Italy - now free to a good home - collected from Barking or from a central/East London tube station, supplied in a large cardboard box Gaggia now listed on eBay. Fully working internally but needs some bits...
  11. Sold
    Hi, Having a clear out my end, thought I'd offer a couple of things here first before heading to eBay. SOLD [Image] Hario VST-2000B scale (brand new) - £36 posted A warranty replacement from Hario, never used and brand new in box. SOLD [Image] 2 x Hario VGD-02 Glass Dripper (brand new, red)...
  12. Brewed Coffee
    The rest of the family prefers my brewed coffee to my efforts at espresso so I'd like to improve my brewing protocol. I started out with a plastic V60 (02) funnel and a variety of V60 papers (bleached and unbleached). Unfortunately, the V60 funnel was dropped so I have substituted a Kinto SCS...
  13. Sold
    I have a spare Hario v60 brewing station, brand new and boxed. comes with hario brew station (acrylic) hario brew scales v60 dripper 02 hario coffee server. cost £140 but is surplus to requirements. after £105 posted
  14. Brewed Coffee
    I've not tried it myself, but has anyone poured hot milk over a Hario V60? I've only used water but curious if milk is something to be tried. Obviously nothing wrong with water, just curious.
  15. Coffee Accessories
    I've not tried it myself, but has anyone poured hot milk over a Hario V60? I've only used water but curious if milk is something to be tried. Obviously nothing wrong with water, just curious.
  16. Sold
    One Hario Skerton burr grinder for sale. It's seen very little use, as I also own an Aergrind! £15, plus postage (or collection from Woodbridge).
  17. Sold
    Having a clearout of some hand brewing gear: 2x Hario V60 01 Ceramic white - 1 in excellent condition, 1 also in excellent condition except for a small chip on the top rim: Excellent cond: £9 + P&P Chipped one: £4 + P&P Kalita Wave 155 - my favourite brewing method (I just prefer the 185) -...
  18. Brewed Coffee
    Hey everybody! A few years ago I bought a coffee syphon as a gift for my boyfriend. It was a Hario TCA-3 Nouveau. Sadly the other say I accidentally destroyed the upper part of the syphon. Even more sad is that this model is no longer produced, and I can't find any replacement parts for it...
  19. Brewed Coffee
    My last order from Amazon were the Japanese tabbed ones, I don't really find them too bad (better than the ones made in Holland!) but prefer the non tabbed ones if possible... Thank you!
  20. Coffee Accessories
    Afternoon all, I currently have a Hario Skerton hand grinder which is my first one having switched to buying beans rather than pre ground bags. I want to upgrade this now as I feel that the grind is inconsistent in most grind settings, the grind setting is tricky to get accurate and I feel...
1-20 of 71 Results