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  1. Introductions
    Hi all and greetings from Bristol. Until reading some of the threads on here, I didn't realise just how many good local roasteries we are blessed with here in the city. Anyway, in terms of intros etc... Although I have had some coffee kit for quite some time, I've only recently started using...
  2. Deals
    On eBay for £55. Worth it at this price?!
  3. Gaggia Forum
    I was just about to pull the trigger on an MC2, but the other half think is to big and ugly. She has a point to be fair. She does like the Gaggia MM (ceramic burr) and to be fair I agree it looks much better. But is it any good with the a classic? Is the coffee fine and consistent enough? (I...
  4. Gaggia Forum
    Hello all, I've decided to sell my coffee set up... I just don't have the time to use it any more, which is a shame. It was my first and (so far) only espresso machine and has given me great consistent service for the last 2 years or so... I bought it used, I have no idea how old it might be...
1-4 of 4 Results