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  1. Gaggia Forum
    As you can see from the image (how do I rotate!) I have the nightmare boiler problem. Heavily lime-scaled is the least of it. The two solenoid bolts and and one boiler bolt have corroded and then sheared, leaving heavily corroded stubs in the group. Aware that an attempt to drill out the stubs...
  2. Gaggia Forum
    After having plenty of fun removing the bolts and separating the unit I can see, what appears to be, moderate flaking of the internal chrome layer - is this normal? Below is a pic of when I first opened the unit and a few examples of stubborn limescale which I later attacked with the green end...
  3. Gaggia Forum
    When I stripped the boiler down on my ebay purchased Gaggia coffee deluxe I didn't have a replacement O-ring, and its now not surprisingly leaking. O-ring / gasket is now ordered and I am awaiting its arrival, allen keys at the ready. When I stripped the boiler I found deposits of what I...
1-3 of 3 Results