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  1. Introductions
    Hi all, been an occasional lurker over recent months as I pondered the acquisition of a new pump. I had a gaggia baby class for a few years up until about 4 years ago, whereupon after a house move it sadly died and I wasn't able to organise or afford the repair so off it went into the great cafe...
  2. Gaggia Faults & Fixes
    I posted this in the general faults forum - maybe better in here? thanks in advance
  3. Introductions
    Hello All, Just starting my coffee journey - after spending a month in Australia at my brothers, who is a coffee enthusiast, i decided it is time to get involved. I have recently picked up a Gaggia Baby Class D as this is all my current budget (also known as wife) will allow. Any tips on using...
  4. Sold
    Hi all. Got a GAGGIA BABY CLASS "D" Refurbed. New seals, internal cleaning. Want 115 delivered. Can do rancillo wand upgrade fir 135 delivered. Comes will standard accessories and manual emailed.
  5. Technical | Faults | How-to's
    Hoping someone on this very helpful site will be able to offer some advice! I have a 5 year old Gaggia Baby Class D, which has now stopped working for the 4th time in five years (first 3 issues dealt with under warranty). Unboxing the machine for the first time in several months after moving...
  6. Sold
    Who'll give me £20 for it? The eBay sale fell through and it has sat in my spare room ever since. Now having a clear out. Here is my Gaggia Baby, it has almost identical internals to a Gaggia Classic but in a different casing and without an adjustable OPV. I have had this for nearly 3 years...
  7. Gaggia Forum
    I have just had a thermocouple delivered LINK and have been experimenting with temperature surfing with my Gaggia baby class D. Using the bottom of a beer can (as a substitute for a polystyrene cup method) positioned against the group gasket with the end of the thermocouple inside, hanging just...
  8. Coffee Accessories
    Hi, I have granite worktops, and the leakage from my Gaggia machine means that they never look as clean and shiny as my mrs wants them to! Does anybody know any sites that sell either large rubber mats which can be used for tamping, as well as being large enough for the coffee machine to sit...
1-8 of 8 Results