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  1. Coffee Beans
    Freezing beans crops up periodically on the Forum, either as a topic in its own right or as part of a discussion about storage. There's an interesting article on freezing just published on the Roast Magazine's Daily Coffee News, here....
  2. Coffee Accessories
    Can anyone recommend a quality vacumn sealer? Perhaps one they own and have used. I'm in the process of sending one back to Amazon after reading excellent reviews it turns out to be shite so reviews are sometimes not what they seem.
  3. Coffee Lounge
    Hi Guys & Girls So the question is... Is there any point in putting the bags of beans in the freezer after vacuum sealing them I understand that freezing stalls any development, I also understand that vacuum sealing stalls any development So why am I doing both, is there any point
  4. Coffee Lounge
    can anyone suggest a good quality chest freezer for long term bean storage please. my plan is to long term store the best of the best beans in vac pacs so I can go back and drink them again when I want to re-live the tasty. only key thing is that it goes down low -24 or lower, and doesn't have...
  5. Rocket Forum
    Just got a fresh order delivered today 2kg - i would like to freeze some of them and wondered if anyone had any tips for freezing. Should i let rest before freezing? How long do they need to defrost for Plus any other tips would be gratefully received.
  6. Sage Forum
    Always looking for ways to maximise the Oracle output. Have been experimenting over the past couple of weeks with surprising results. Most beans, dark of course, do produce a better result through the EK. However here's something worth trying for an espresso reminiscent of Italy if that's...
  7. Coffee Beans
    Now I know it's been discussed previously many times but I need some input guys. I may have over ordered on Black Friday beans. Lol. I have 1.3 kg at present and another 2.5 kg coming my way next week. So the question is do you guys freeze in 250g bags or how about freezing the 500g bags? Also...
  8. Coffee Beans
    Hi guys I've been thinking (which doesn't happen very often! ), how long do beans last?? If their best time is 10 days after roast how does everyone store them?, and how much quantity is best to order? I tend to be the only person drinking coffee in our house, so even at 4 or 5 cups a day...
  9. Coffee Beans
    When freshly roasted should I let them de-gas before freezing or doesn't it matter?
  10. Coffee Beans
    This may be a daft question (it probably is!) but if you are going to freeze roasted beans, should you do this as soon as possible or after the beans have rested? I assume it is the former, but I wonder if freezing has any impact on how the beans develop. Also, has anyone noticed any...
1-10 of 10 Results