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  1. Deals
    As a little 'welcome gift' we send all of our new customers buying their first coffee an additional 125g bag for free! We tend to choose a similar coffee to your purchased one - roast and origin. We also match your grind or whole beans preference. If you would like to try a specific coffee...
  2. Deals
    Sidewalk Coffee Roasters based in Cambridgeshire have free coffee samples (75g) just pay the postage £1.75.
  3. Coffee Lounge
    Those of you who were in time to get on the 'gravy (coffee) boat' with the Bella Barista free offer will now be asked to work a bit & feedback to them some vital information. The plan is !! BB will send 40 today each with 2 x 250 grams of their new espresso blend, some will be sent Parcel post...
  4. Home Roasters
    I am a coffee trader at a trade house in london. We receive shipment and type samples of Robusta and Arabica which we store for a period of time (usually a year) and then throw them away. I currently have a box of each Washed Mild Arabica and Robusta approximately (10-15kg each) of coffee that...
  5. Commercial | Special Offers
    Hello Everyone, Please have a look at our great new deals on Colombian Coffee and coffee makers, All our coffee products are freshly roasted to order so we hope you find what it is your looking for. Thanks for your support, Kind regards, Joseph...
  6. Find a Coffeeshop
    I had the opportunity to visit Nude (26 Hanbury St, near Brick lane - London) again yesterday and to re-evaluate them after my previous review on Beanhunter, and am pleased to report that they are still turning out great coffee. Nude have leapt into their roasting operations now too, and have a...
  7. Coffee Lounge
    On Election Day last week many coffee shops in the US were offering Free Coffee to those who produced an 'I Voted' sticker such as the one shown below. Does any one think that this is likely to happen in the UK at the next election? Did this influence the higher than expected turnout?
  8. Coffee Business Owner Support Forum
    A barista at a local cafe was talking to me about freeloaders today There are a number of regulars who seem to 'expect' free coffee when the cafe does not even have a loyalty scheme running. The chain stores in their town offer the cards and seem to be winning business based on this fact. The...
1-8 of 8 Results