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  1. Sold
    I'm putting my Piccino up for sale as upgradeitis is getting a hold on me. The good: Amazingly small for a DB machine. My kitchen is tiny and this doesn't take up much space. Fed Ashbeck/Volvic its entire life (I bought it a few years ago on this forum for £420) Totally reliable, produces...
  2. eBay Auction and Gumtree Links
    Nesbet's have a reconditioned machine for £450 delivered. It says it's been fully tested and in full working order with no more than light cosmetic signs of wear and tear. Is it worth paying the extra £165 for a brand new one?
  3. Technical | Faults | How-to's
    Hi all, New to the forum and hoping someone can offer some input- bought a 2013 Fracino Piccino a couple of weeks ago in great condition. Only thing is that the group head appears to be slightly loose (when the portafilter is being connected and removed, the group head can move from side to...
  4. eBay Auction and Gumtree Links
    Fracino Piccino I was going to buy but decided to upgrade existing kit instead. I thought I'd share as might suit someone: No connection to the vendor.
  5. Coffee Accessories
    my partner is going to purchase me my first coffee machine for xmas now am unsure which to go for as I was looking at the sage duo temp pro but having seen a few second hand machines for sale am unsure. Fracino Piccino is for sale currently and looks great but would that be an ok for machine...
  6. Sold
    REDUCED to £265 For sale is my excellent Fracino Piccino dual boiler machine. I am selling this (and other machines) as I have decided to consolidate my coffee machines in to one new machine and a recently purchased lever machine before my kitchen is refitted in the new year. (grinder &...
  7. Fracino Forum
    The steam tip on my Piccino is totally jammed on. Does anyone have any good methods for removal?
  8. Technical | Faults | How-to's
    I have a 3 year old Fracino Piccino, when I switched it on today I smelt burning and smoke came out of the top, I removed the front cover and the red and blue wires that come to/from the boiler on/off switch were very hot and had melted together.... up until this point the machine appeared to be...
  9. Fracino Forum
    This piccino has appeared on ebay and was considering bidding. I dont think it is an absolute bargain so i'm pretty relaxed about missing out. It is the older version, which I prefer over...
  10. Fracino Forum
    Anyone else noticed how cheap and nasty the handles are on the portafilters? Pity really as the quality of the rest of the machine is excellent.
  11. Fracino Forum
    Hi all, I have a brand new Piccino and I've noticed that the pressure gauge never goes above about 0.6 bar ... is this something to worry about?? I've not found it to hinder either the brew or steam capability but just curious as the spec. says that it should operate around 1.0 bar ... The...
  12. Fracino Forum
    So I did get a chance to pull a first shot this morning before running off to work, but it wasn't a particularly careful effort - 19g dose but I didn't weigh the output. It came through rather quickly but that's something I will work on this weekend. The pump is incredibly quiet compared to the...
  13. Fracino Forum
    My pre-loved Piccino will be here in a couple of days but I was hoping to get an idea of the basics in advance. Unfortunately I can't seem to find downloadable instructions anywhere. Any hints?
  14. Coffee Accessories
    ...So to help me work out which of the machines I'm interested in gives the best compromise between price and small physical volume, I made a simple spreadsheet which ranks them in ascending order for both then adds the ranks to give a quick and dirty score. Simple stuff but might save someone...
  15. Sold
    I'm selling my Fracino Piccino. It's a dual boiler machine finished in stainless steel and looks great when cleaned up. Has a pressure gauge and removable water tank with an empty water alarm. Full spec on the Fracino website: The only thing you need to be...
  16. Fracino Forum
    hi my piccino had randomly tripped my fuse breaker odd time in last couple montyhs i put it down to power surge or too much electric on my house circuit at one time. anyway i noticed steam from the inside of case when steam boiler heating up. ive opnened boiler case and noticed it starts to...
  17. Coffee Accessories
    Anyone have any experience or words of wisdom over these two grinders? With so many going for MC2 as a decent entry level I feel pulled in that direction - just wondering why so many go for the MC2 when these two seem on paper to quite similar
  18. Introductions
    Hi there coffee people, Found you when Googling a Fracino Piccino ~ and yes you had comments and feedback and yes I've bought one ~ so thanks. I was looking at an Iberital all-in-one machine but nobody knows about them and they're certainly not built in B'ham! It isn't the best maker in the...
  19. Coffee Accessories
    Ok so my Gaggia Classic needs to go to gaggia heaven and it's time to upgrade Do I buy a Rancillo Silvia or do I go the extra money and get the Fracino Piccino??? Or is there something better for that kind of money????? I mainly drink espresso and am really the only person in my house who...
  20. Commercial | Special Offers
    Fracino Piccino - Black panels Priced at ONLY £539 + VAT FREE UK delivery Our prices have stayed the same even after Fracino announced an increase from April 2014
1-20 of 42 Results