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  1. Sold
    EDITED I'm taking delivery of my new machine on Thursday so I wanted to up my trusty Fracino to a forum member. It's a pre 2004 model, not the prettiest but makes some great espresso. It's a plumbed in model but I've been using the water bottle method and haven't had one problem, I fact it's...
  2. Sold
    Didn't manage to find these in time when I sold my Classic but they've just turned up. They may fit other Fracino machines but I'm not sure as never tried. For sale for the price of a donation to the forum and postage to me (I'll work this out once I knwo where it's being posted).
  3. Sold
    Heyup, So I've decided to sell my Fracino Classic (circa 2000) as it's just too big for my central London pad. I'm basically turning my living room (with kitchen) into an audio mastering suite and the Classic's sides are just too shiny and reflective (sound-wise). The history of it is that it...
  4. Coffee Accessories
    Not sure if the pump has finally bit the bullet? It just sits between 3 and 0 when filling water and also no pressure when pouring a coffee. Going to ring Fracino but just wondered if anyone had a spare kicking around?
  5. Fracino Forum
    I have been struggling for a while to get my Fracino Classic 2 group to work. A short back story: * We bought it 2nd hand, and when we first filled it with water (through a flojet, and then DISconnected) it heated up, created steam etc., but at just drained the whole way through, fully emptying...
  6. Fracino Forum
    Hi Guys I bought a Fracino Classic 2 group a while ago and only got round to trying it out yesterday! It hasn't been used for almost a year, so no doubt 'needed' a flsuh out, but after filling it with water through a flojet pump, I turned it on and it started heating up/steaming etc., and...
  7. Deals
    Fracino classic, looks in good shape
  8. Deals
    Check this out might be a good bargain, a fracino classic, rotary pump, 7 litre boiler!, knocks spots off a cherub....
  9. Fracino Forum
    Just picked it up tonight. Works like a dream when I went to get it from the seller. A couple of little issues so will try contacting Fracino or other suppliers of parts. It requires a side panel and a good clean out, also going to change all gaskets etc. I'm going to have to connect to mains...
  10. Technical | Faults | How-to's
    First post on here so a big hello to everybody! I have recently purchased a Fracino Classic commercial machine (2nd hand) for a cafe my mother in law runs. I rigged it all up over the weekend but I am having a problem , the machine will not produce hot water from the wand. The steam wand ...
1-10 of 10 Results