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  1. Coffee Lounge
    What's happened to all the posts? I've just searched for a topic I started on my refurbed Pavoni's called How to polish a turd and then searched for the thread on the Pullman tamper I bought on here and I can't find either. Is the new system still having teething problems or are they just gone?
  2. Coffee Lounge
    Layout question. How to get rid of "NEW" red highlight box that for me is currently in front of every forum title and sub forum on the list? It's very irritating. I can't tell if anything is actually new because everything is apparently "NEW". No doubt there is a box to tick somewhere.
  3. Coffee Lounge
    Is anyone else having trouble editing posts once their posted? I almost always get a blank screen when I go back to a post to edit it. Is it me, or is the Internet breaking? Thanks.
  4. Coffee Lounge
    Hi, I noticed that the forum session is particularly short (so short that I get logged out while I'm writing my posts, and after I login again it redirects me to a blank page and my post is lost). Is there a reason for it to be so short? It is very annoying and if I have a long post to write...
  5. Coffee Lounge
    On by browser (Chrome) today the colours, icons etc of this site have gone a bit strange: It's OK on my phone though, so I guess it's about the browser. Anyone else got this? Is there an easy fix? If it wasn't already obvious, I'm no IT guru!
  6. Home Roasters
    I have been roasting using a Gene Cafe 101 since August 2017, mostly with quite drinkable results. However, there is a fundamental issue that I'd like to understand better so as to guide my roasting practice more effectively: how to identify the beginning and end of the first crack using my...
  7. All Grinders & Hand-Grinders
    My Hario Skerton has been a daily, faithful companion since September 2013. My coffee connoisseur son has often tried to persuade me to adopt an electric rival such as a Baratza. However, I have resisted valiantly. As time has gone by, and being a passionate skier, I have developed various...
  8. Coffee Lounge
    Been meaning to ask this question for a while. When I log in to the forum and tick "remember me" it forgets and I have to log back in every time (after closing the webpage). Not a big deal, but a bit of a pain. Anyone know why this is - is it something to do with the forum or my laptop? I...
  9. Coffee Beans
    Would you like a separate section for beans with sub-forums for major roasters?No - It's fine as it is1260.00%Yes - I'd like separate sub-forums for major roasters840.00%
  10. Coffee Lounge
    Unless I have a specific goal in mind, I generally browse the forum by referring to 'New Posts'. More often than not that will be a single page containing a dozen or so posts and occasionally, it extends to two or three pages containing fifty plus. Often, listed posts are many hours old...
  11. Introductions
    Hi everyone, glad to join this forum, hope i can make good contribution here,.. See you all around...
  12. Introductions
    Hey, I don't normally join Forums but could not resist this one Greetings all!
  13. Announcements Archive
    Thankyou to all members who have visited today. We know that coffee and cycling goes hand in hand, so hope you stick around , sign up and share the love
  14. Introductions
    Just found this Forum and need to learn a lot more about coffee making. Don't drink that much coffee so a fancy machine can't be considered, at least at the moment. I have two filter machines, but only because one of the glass jugs cracked and also a stove top job but didn't really succeed with...
  15. Coffee Lounge
    Greetings fellow addicts. I have developped a peculiar thought disorder that can only be properly termed a coffee obssession and am wondering if I have company here--most likely I do. My obssession manifests itself in thinking(at the end of the work day) about getting home from work to make...
  16. Syndicated News and Coffee Tweets around the world
    coffee_forums: Coffee Forums UK reaches 150 members. Planning underway for 2009 forum enhancements and activities. Expecting good growth in the new year. More...
  17. Gaggia Forum
    Welcome to the Gaggia Forum, for dedicated discussion about Gaggia Espresso Machines, Gaggia Grinders, Gaggia Parts and Accessories. Discussions about other makes and models will be moved to the Machines / Grinders and Accessories forum
  18. Introductions
    How is everyone?? Thought i should join as i have seen this place numerous times!! Not really a major coffee drinker, i have about 20 coffee's aday, possibly more, depends on my stress levels! Coffee!! get in!! Other than drowning myself in coffee, i work on my website and forum, which is a...
1-18 of 20 Results