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  1. Coffee Beans
    I'm behind on my reading - last Saturday's Guardian included an interesting article about these roasters with a mention along the way of Bristol's Extract. I can live without the addition of 'coffee-preneur' to the dictionary...
  2. Coffee Lounge
    The team at Extract Coffee Roasters have offered up a raffle prize of a barista training / roasting day (at their roastery in Bristol) for one lucky forum member and a partner (or +1) with all proceeds going to the forum. Entry is £2 per ticket - limited to 50 tickets There is also a chance...
  3. Coffee Lounge
    This has to be the best video produced this year at The London Coffee Festival Click to view
  4. Coffee Beans
    Lovely bright sunny day up here in the North-East, and I'm starting off with an espresso from Hasbean's 2010 Premium Blend. I roasted these on Thursday, going a little bit darker than I normally would, and it seems to have suited the blend well. A subtle sweetness to the aftertaste. What's...
  5. Coffee Beans
    I had the pleasure of meeting the owners of Extract at the London Coffee Festival this weekend and also tried a few shots of their Unkle Funka summer espresso. Anyone got any opinions or expereince of working with them as I'm considering using them as my roaster for my coffee shop.
1-5 of 6 Results