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  1. Mahlkönig Grinders
    Hi :) I would like to get the MAHLKONIG EK43 ALL BLACK SHORT HOPPER 250G, for the old model of the grinder, (The one with green and red switches) I've seen around that i would have to put a shim for it to fit properly. Does anyone know which shim I can use and how? Thanks in advance!
  2. For Sale or Swap
    Titus EK43 Dosing Tool, RDT and and hand blown 500g glass hopper. Comes with all shims and is in 'excellent' condition. €720 New. Selling for £450.00 (plus postage). I am based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Thanks Andy
  3. Sold
    Selling a Titus Grinding doser for the Mahlkonig EK43. Great piece of kit, in good condition. Only selling as I no longer use an EK. £300 OBO + postage (also listed on Ebay)
  4. Sold
    I am selling my EK43 which I recently bought on this forum (from Coffeechap) in March last year. It is Nov 2017 model with new coffee burrs. I subsequently bought a Titus aligned burr carrier and Titus alignment tool, direct from a Frank, which are also included. The standard burr carrier is...
  5. Sold
    Selling the unused burr carrier that came out of my EK43s that has been revised / machined by Titus for better alignment. £150 inc postage.
  6. Sold
    Purchased new October 2019 (can provide proof of purchase if required). This is the newest version of the EK43 (metal buttons not the red/green plastic ones, aluminium burr carrier etc). Other than having the burrs aligned it's practically unused (I put about 1kg coffee through after aligning...
  7. Coffee Lounge
    I've just moved my EK43 out of the way for a while to see if I miss not using it, and wondered if it would fit on the other side of my kitchen. Well, I knew it wouldn't fit under the cupboards but the door opens. And soooo close without touching I doubt I'd get a piece of paper between them...
  8. Sold
    Probably no interest in them on here, but I thought as they're going on ebay too it'd be rude not too. Taken out of a brand new EK43 (purchased last month). Other than any testing that they do at Mahlkonig these haven't had 1 coffee bean through them. £350 Price includes Royal Mail special...
  9. Mahlkönig Grinders
    Has anyone had, has or used one of these? If you have could you let me know your opinions on it? Thanks!
  10. Mahlkönig Grinders
    Mine smashed a while ago during transit to an event, which I didn't really care about all that much. However, I recently almost completely ****ed my EK43 by dropping part of a shear plate into the burrs, and it's taken me a couple of months to get right again (I should really write a blog post...
  11. Coffee Lounge
    I have the potential opportunity to get a EK for my home. Currently using an ceado E37 which is really good. Just wondering if it is that much of an upgrade / will it require more maintenance?
  12. Sold
    I have a November 2017 ek43 (coffee burrs) in black available, it has seen light use and is in great condition, there are some small scratches which has been touched up but nothing that detracts from the look of the grinder. It has been stripped, cleaned and re zeroed ready for use. Collection...
  13. All Grinders & Hand-Grinders
    Started this as there was some interesting chit chat re Ek43's on the Niche thread. In an effort not to derail it , i'll post my thoughts here. Comments were around ' Don't buy a stock ek, they are poorly aligned and come with the wrong burrs " It was interesting to me, as there were a few of...
  14. All Grinders & Hand-Grinders
    I love the workflow of the Niche and the ability to switch beans so easily. I do find that the Niche adds some earthier tones and seems to take out the "top notes" of lighter roasts compared with my Mythos - I get less of the fruity/floral elements. However the results are still very good and...
  15. Coffee Lounge
    Just emptied my coffee drawer where I keep my bags, and thought it was a time for a clear-out.. They all have maybe a shots worth of beans in, and aren't worth keeping as they are all very much out of date. At least they won't go to waste as they'll go in my compost bin How come I...
  16. Sold
    I am selling my Mahlkonig K30 since my Niche has arrived and sadly I am unable to keep both. I do still feel I could use this for parties we have but my wife isn't letting me entertain the idea sadly. I am including BOTH the tall and short hoppers, as well as some secret goodies for it's new...
  17. Sold
    Purchased new from Hasbean in May 2014 (built in March 2014) Excellent condition & works immaculately. Only imperfection is an almost unseen slight crack on knob adjacent to allen key entry point. See photo. Has the new style 'Coffee Burrs' purchased for £350 & fitted approx 2 years...
  18. Sold
    Found these earlier on - can't remember why I ordered so many but don't need them. Same as this £9 posted each.
  19. Sold
    Bought on the forum recently, I'm putting it back up for sale as I prefer using a milk pitcher. As detailed here: £24 + P&P
1-20 of 97 Results