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  1. Advertisers Discounts & Special Offers
    Our forum discount code is still live. 15% off all individual bags of coffee on our website, using code CFUK21. We're really happy to say that we now roast every Monday and Thursday. We think this will be a huge improvement for our customers. We can only thank you for your patience in putting...
  2. Coffee Beans
    It is well worth signing up for Dave Stanton's Crankhouse Coffee email newsletter, always honest and informative and his roasts are reliably good (to my taste). The current edition also offers a 10% discount code: GIVEME10
  3. Discounts and Offers
    Now the 25% discount has ended... the new discount code for CFUK members is 'CFUK' (Pretty imaginative, right?) This will discount 15% on all coffee in your cart, and any orders over £25 qualify for free shipping too! I've been personally drinking alot of the Karambi...
  4. Discounts and Offers
    Hi there! As a thankyou to the nice people on this Forum for offering great advice and help to a new startup Roaster, as a thankyou I wanted to offer a discount Code to the users of this forum. Enjoy 15% Off all Coffee Beans on our site, currently we have our House blend and Decaf up...
  5. Brewed Coffee
    Based on feedback we received from coffee lovers and enthusiasts across the UK on the Boilbrew this winter (2019), led to the development of the new Boilbrew 2.0 ! We took your, (and James Hoffmann's) feedback to heart, took Boilbrew off the market and went back to the drawing board ! We...
  6. Coffee Beans
    About to order some Kinini AA and some Prototype as recommended by @Mrboots2u and wondered if anyone had a discount code? I see there was one in November but the insta link isn't working... Thanks guys
  7. Discounts and Offers
    Currently offering forum members a 15% discount off beans. Email Lee at Foundry for information. You will find contact details on their website. EDIT: The discount scheme has finished. There's a loyalty points system operating via their webshop now
  8. Coffee Beans
    Applies to all Rwandan coffees. Code is: Rwanda 20
  9. Coffee Beans
    Is there a members only thread anywhere that lists all the roasters/bean retailers offering forum members a discount along with the code and relevant details ?
  10. Coffee Lounge
    Does anyone know any discount codes for the coffee tasting club website please?
  11. Coffee Beans
    As it says on the tin! Ethiopia Sidamo is one of our most popular coffees, you've got until the end of Saturday (or when stocks run out) to take advantage of this, so be quick! To use the code click 'view all' in the your basket and enter: sidamodeal The deal is for one bag of Sidamo only per...
  12. Coffee Lounge
    For those (like me) that missed out on Glenn's offer and still considering going to LCF I have found that you can get 2 tickets for £20, instead of £23, if you use the code LOVE14. I have just used it now and I believe it is valid until 6th of April. R
  13. Coffee Lounge
    The Saturday Times have a 50% code of coffee up to 2kg from Union Roasters today. Enjoy
  14. Coffee Lounge
    I have placed an order for a filter Coffee machine and have been given a 15% off voucher to send to Coffee loving friends. If you were to buy through the following link, I would get a 15% rebate on my order, and you would get 15% off your own purchase. The link is here...
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    You can view the page at
1-15 of 16 Results