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  1. Coffee Accessories
    I'm enjoying the benefits of having a 3D printer, one of which is I can use it for coffee related accessories. Over the past few days I've been printing enclosures for PID and speed controllers, and wired them in, and prior to that I have printed a WDT, a low profile extended drip tray and a...
  2. Home Roasters
    (I'm pretty new here - sorry if people are getting bored of popcorn modding discussions). I bought a severin a couple of weeks ago (recommended elsewhere in the forum!) for 25 quid to get back into roasting coffee. Unmodded it roasts ok, though very quick. E.g. First crack was somewhere between...
  3. Home Roasters
    I would like to implement the dimmer mod from CoffeeTime (great article BTW!). I would prefer to use the Varilight IQP1001W dimmer instead of the Varilight HQ9W as it is easier for me to get it (I live in Ireland). They look much the same to me ... but I wonder if the HQ9W was picked for a...
1-3 of 3 Results