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  1. Gaggia Forum
    How important is the vent Pipe. My new machine has not got one. (2005 Classic). i have not fired it up yet as I want to get everything I need before hand (and i'm still using up my l'or casuals). I was wondering what effect it will have not having one. Can anybody confirm the diameter of...
  2. Sage Forum
    Hi all, Just bought the Sage DTP last night and got it set up. Just thinking down the line and wondering what advice people have on cleaning products and filters? I don't think mine came with a descaler, although apparently they usually do so might double check the box when I get home. Do...
  3. Coffee Accessories
    Hi all, I just bought a brand new De'Longhi coffee machine after my old one died on me. I always had problems descaling that one. What's the best way to do it in your opinion? Do you have any recommendations?I'd appreciate your tips!
  4. Sold
    Clearing my coffee bench drawers in anticipation of new arrival. 2 x 4 pkts of the official Sage descaler . They cost nearly £13 each from Sage or JL Will sell for £8 each or £15 for both packets delivered.
  5. New Members Section
    Greetings, my first post . I have just recently purchased my first gaggia classic coffee machine. It is 16 years old and after reading all the numerous posts online I have managed to replace the pump and set the pressure using a gauge to 9.5 bar. However after reading that citric acid as a...
  6. Sage Forum
    Sorry for asking such a daft question. I'll be performing my first descaling and would rather not buy Sage's overpriced descaler. Out of these 3 what are people using and recommending ? Dezcal, Durgol or Puly Descaler ? Thanks
  7. Sage Forum
    Might be suitable for an occasional machine treat Came up while looking for another that contains sulphamic acid. It's interesting to see how the thermoblock machine is descaled - via the hot water outlet. I'd assume to keep it away from any aluminium in the group head. John -
  8. Coffee Lounge
    We've recently had a Krups EA9000 set up for our work coffee machine. It's a fully auto self-cleaning bean to cup (not my choice, but it's a step in the right direction). Rather than using the Krups stuff does anyone know what would be the best de-scaler for this would be? I know that citric...
  9. Coffee Lounge
    Is there anything wrong with using normal household appliance descaler in espresso machines, rather than the more expensive brands sold by specialist coffee machine resalers?
  10. Gaggia Forum
    I have now got some descaler for my new baby, I have come across this video on Youtube which clearly explains how to descale, but people digress, saying nothing is being flushed through the group. It looks to me like everything is done correctly and I just want to be able to get it over with...
  11. Technical | Faults | How-to's
    Has anyone used any of these descalers ? Would like to know which is best for coffee machines
  12. Gaggia Forum
    I need to de-scale my Gaggia Classic, I've read a lot of posts on how to do this, but I'm more confused about what de-scaler to buy. Has anyone got recommendations on this? thank you!
  13. Gaggia Forum
    Hi folks - just a simple question for once! Can anyone recommend a descaler for Gaggia Classic. I've used Gaggia's own (fairly pricey?), but see that others are available...
  14. Coffee Lounge
    Hi, I had a quick search of the forum but got no hits, so I thought it best to warn members. I bought some Astonish Descaler recently, it says it is suitable for espresso machines. But when I used it as directed for my Gaggia Baby it started to MELT the white plastic filter in the water tank...
  15. Sold
    SOLD (on [e]bay) For sale 2 x bottles of Saeco descaler for Gaggia expresso machines (will work with many other espresso machines too) Saeco are Philips and Philips own Gaggia, so it's the same product as the Gaggia one. 100% genuine, bought from amazon. £10 posted in UK. Selling due to...
  16. Hi

    Just found the forum and looks like a lot of great information. On my second Gaggia machine at home. I have a jet boil for when I'm camping and I never drink coffee at work because instant is the only option. I would love to learn more about different beans and roasting as I just use...
  17. Introductions
    Alreet guys n gals Ive drank and loved drinking coffee for years most notably on my many spanish holiday trips, but recently thought I'd like to have a go myself and set about getting some gear (on a meagre budget!). Like many others I guess, I have gone for what appears to be a decent entry...
  18. Coffee Accessories
    If and when I decide to plumb my machine in what's best to use on the water mains, a water softener or descaler. Both look like they do the same job to me but the softener seems to be a lot more money ?
  19. Gaggia Forum
    Hello all, Afraid I'm very new to this, but I have a Gaggia Evolution that over the last few weeks has produced less and less water, to the extent where I'm down to drips. However, the pump seems to be working fine as water will come out quite happily from the steam wand. I've been looking...
  20. Coffee Lounge
    Used my last packet of descaler so went surfing for some more, I commented to Sadie about the cost of brand name descalers. She said why not buy the chemicals it`ll be cheaper. So the result of that comment is that I found out that a typical espresso descaler is citric acid powder which is used...
1-20 of 23 Results