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  1. New Members Section
    Hi all, I'm hoping someone (or collectively, a few people) will be able to point me in the right direction to getting the most out of my current setup: Gaggia Carezza Deluxe (With the pressurised portafilter... yeah, learning this isn't a great thing) Gaggia MDF Burr grinder - pretty decent...
  2. Gaggia Forum
    People I need help. I have a 2006 Gaggia Coffee Deluxe. It clogged up so I opened it up for cleaning! I know, big mistake. I have put it back together but don't know how to connect the electric connections within. Please can anyone help? There are no coffee maker repair shops in Pakistan!
  3. Gaggia Forum
    Hi there, I'd like to say hello to all of you guys, I'm happy to be here. This time I need your help, I bought a used Gaggia Selecta Deluxe (Classic but without 3-way solenoid as far as I know). If was a bargain but the problem is that the wires at the main switch are mixed up. I have no...
  4. Coffee Accessories
    I have recently aqcuired a secondhand La Pavoni deluxe epsresso coffe maker (Eurobar) which has a pressurised portafilter. The manual is not great and says the handle on the filter after inserting in the group will automatically move to the left. Mine for some reason doesn't and I have to...
  5. Coffee Accessories
    Hi, my first post and it's a problem. Just bought off ebay a Pavoni espresso deluxe machine. Problem is water is not being pumped from the tank although the pump seems to be working ok. ( it makes a noise) Have followed manufactures instructions for priming but unable to get a flow of water...
1-5 of 5 Results