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  1. For Sale or Swap
    10 X Utopia Barista brand latte cups for sale. With matching saucers. All in perfect condition. Posted prices 1X £8.00 2x £13 3x £17.00 4x £21 Payment via PayPal. Thanks.
  2. Deals
    Got these on Amazon today really happy with them decent weight , £6.50 hold 180ml
  3. Sold
    A bit of a job lot. All new and boxed. Purchased for when I had my white, red and black LMLM/EK43S setup, but I changed before the cups arrived :) 6x ACME EVO 150ML FLAT WHITE CUPS - Black/Penguin 6x ACME EVO 190ML CAPPUCCINO CUPS - Red/Rata 6x ACME EVO 14CM SAUCERS - Black/Penguin £110...
  4. Coffee Accessories
    This sounds like a daft question but where is good to buy decent cups that are not too big? Ideally for flat white. Nothing on amazon I can find but don't want to spend a fortune. Where should I look? Anyone recommend a stylish cup?
  5. Coffee Accessories
    Have these been mentioned before?
  6. Coffee Accessories
    I bought some glass, double walled glasses as I thought they would help with keeping my drink hot longer. This did work but, they seem to kill the test of my coffee and I can't work out if I'm going slightly mad of if there is good reason for this? I've hesitated posting this as it sounds a bit...
  7. Sold
    Hi all I have a handful of the old ACME style cups to move on. All in green. Demitasse cup (70ml) with saucer Flat white cup (150ml) with saucer Tulip cup (170ml) with saucer Latte cup (280ml) I would like £25 posted, or £22 collected from Kegworth (2 mins from junction 24 of the M1)...
  8. Sold
    I have these cups left for sale - packaged and posted - £35 inclusive 2 red flat white cups, 2 blue tulip Americano cups, 2 grey espresso cups, all acme and co, saucers not included Happy to post as sets of 2 - £15 per set, inclusive of postage (any bids for whole set will take priority however)
  9. Sold
    Hi there Got an set of Acme and co coffee cups for sale- brand new - good mix of sturdy cups for on top of the coffee machine 2 x grey 70ml espresso cups 2 x red 150ml flat white cups 2 x blue 170ml Americano cups 2 x yellow 280ml latte cups Will post to UK only £50 Thanks
  10. Sold
    In my opinion the nicest cups In he hand (personal preference of course). I have previously sold 8 sets of these Cups and Saucers - Cappuccino 200ml Variant. The reason for this sale is the same as previous. They are the wrong colour for my other half's kitchen. I just wanted to keep...
  11. Coffee Accessories
    These espresso cups are really nice however if you are using a double spout portafilter (mine is a Rancillio) the diameter of the top is not wide enough to do a single double shot straight into the mug. This model is ideal for...
  12. Sold
    I have 8 sets of Cups and Saucers - Cappuccino 200ml Variant. The reason for sale is they are now the wrong colour for my other half's kitchen. Originally bought direct from Loveramics. These are New and unused and been stacked up awaiting the new kitchen which doesn't quite match. So am...
  13. Gaggia Forum
    I bought a second hand Gaggia Color on ebay, unfortunately its arrived with no filter cups. Basically I need to know if filter cups are universal throughout the Gaggia range? If I buy a cup meant for a Gaggia Classic for instance will that work?
  14. Sold
    Nice thick cups, go well with a classic. Saucers aren't the greatest but included. Collection only from leicester for now as I'm just too lazy!
  15. Coffee Lounge
    Hello, On my recent trip to australia i found a coffee shop with these handmade custom ceramic cups heres the link what they look like--- I really liked them especially not having a handle. I was wondering if anyone has a idea where i could get similar cups...
  16. Sold
    I now have too many cups, so I'm selling a job lot, which includes 3 Inka cups, 1 Acme, and some odd ones with 2 espresso cups, most are flat white size and a couple of 10oz. Only looking for £25 plus delivery or can collect from Sittingbourne Kent.
  17. Coffee Accessories
    I see lots of websites, but trying to find a shop, one made with bricks that i can visit to buy some coffee cups seems to be a complete nightmare....even if i don't mind driving a bit. does anyone know of any retailers in berks/bucks area that sells loveramics/acme/inker cups? Thanks C
  18. Sold
    Not particularly being one for self control I went a bit doolally when ordering and have more than I need (and definitely more than I should [emoji4] So I thought I'd pop a few on here. They're from the same chap that makes the Cat and Cloud ones I also have. 2 x Flat white cups (natural...
  19. Sold
    For Sale, our current stock of d'ancap torino 150ml competition cappuccino cups. We are due to take delivery of new cups in the next few days so these will ship after the 12th December but in time for Christmas. These have been used in the cafe but these cups are made to last and they still...
  20. Sold
    Hi all, im selling some lovely Inker Luna cups, They have barely been used and are in as-new condition. I have the following available: - 2x 8.5oz Latte cup and saucer (blue) - - 1x 2.5oz espresso cup and saucer (blue) im looking for £25 all in (including postage). Let me know if you have...
1-20 of 55 Results