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  1. Brewed Coffee
    when i use my french press at work i bloom the coffee for a minute then top up the press and then skim off the crust / foam after another couple of minutes. however i've noticed that when i use my own good quality coffee (pact / silver oak etc) the 'crust' is virtually non-existant and it's...
  2. Cupping & Tasting
    Cupping is the method by which coffees are chosen by roasters. The cupping process involves roasting green beans to a calculated roast profile, largely based on experience of the beans from the origin being represented. Once the beans have been roasted they are ground fairly coarsely (much...
  3. Coffee Beans
    Hey guys. One of the most important part of coffee tasting, for a lot of links in the chain, is the cupping of coffee. An act that is almost ritualistic in its methodology and acclaim. How many of you have actually tried this. The reason I ask, is that when I release my podcast next week...
1-3 of 3 Results