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  1. Sold
    I have some 10kg boxes of Costa Rainforest Espresso Beans for sale, looking for £100 a box plus £10 postage. Best before are all July 18 Thanks Lammas10
  2. Coffee Lounge
    Hi, I have some boxes of costa rainforest expresso beans, can anyone recommend a good bean to cup machine to use them in? I think its time to invest in one. Also If anyone wants any 10kg boxes of costa beans please let me know. Thanks Lammas10
  3. Coffee Lounge
    Does any CF member here work for Costa coffee? I am after buying some Costa coffee beans but it seems they may be a little hard to get hold of! Also, I quite like their Cocha Mocha Latte and I would like to know which chocolate powder is put into their milk. Please PM me if anyone can help...
  4. Coffee Beans
    Hello guys and Gals, i'm new here and was just wondering if anyone knows where i can buy costa coffee beans, you know, the ones the retail coffee shop uses? I own a Delonghi Esam 4200s and i am more than satisfied with it. I live in Rotherham south Yorkshire Is there any online shop that...
  5. Coffee Lounge
    Hi all, In a bid to help banish instant coffee from the workplace, we are now selling an 'Office Coffee' package at TheCoffeeShop.Co , aimed at the small office. We feel that by using a well known brand of coffee, people are more likely to use it instead of opening another jar of instant...
  6. Coffee Beans
    I've sold plenty of tins of Costa Coffee beans online over the last couple of months, I also use them myself as I love them, I always have them 'in stock' and they're pretty good value. I've noticed that the dates on the tins can very quite a bit, although the 2 tins I got yesterday have a PD...
  7. Coffee Beans
    That's right, down in price. I paid my local Costa a visit this morning and the price of their coffee beans in the tin have been re-priced to sell for £3.95 instead of £4.25, a small saving I know but every little helps as they say!!
  8. Coffee Lounge
    Now, I'm not sure if any of you have realised yet but I am a bit of a Costa coffee fan. To be more precise, their beans. I love em! Ever since I found out the beans they sell are the beans they actually use, that was it. Anyway, I must not digress. I went off to buy my beans this morning...
  9. Coffee Accessories
    hi all, I could really do with some advice, as i have spent far too much time this week looking at various model/make of espresso machine it's become an obsession!! It all started when i suggested to the wife that that we could save some money on buying high street slop by purchasing our very...
1-9 of 9 Results