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  1. Sold
    Time to let go of kit that Im not using. In fact, like the the titanium tamper, I have barely used this at all so it's in excellent condition: a standard Torr Goldfinger tamper made from stainless steel with a convex base and a matt black handle. It has a lovely bi-coloured handle. I paid...
  2. Rancilio Forum
    I've already ordered the Rancilio tamp, which is flat, but it's interesting to find that the plastic tamp provided, which is destined for the bin, with the Silvia is convex!! Curious or meaningless?
  3. Coffee Lounge
    Sure it's been discussed before but thinking of going for a calibrated tamper so wondered your thoughts on calibrated or not and also what about the base flat or convex.
  4. Coffee Lounge
    OK - to start off with, I'm married, so that takes care of the "I have no accessories" issue but I'm having real trouble with consistency. I've got a Gaggia Classic and, whilst I'm learning, some Taylors ground coffee from the supermarket. I know this combination is never going to give me...
  5. Coffee Accessories
    Hi coffee heads. I'd like to talk bottoms, tamper bottoms which is best flat or convex? only one way to find out....... or doesn't it make a blind bit of difference. your opinion please.
  6. Coffee Accessories
    Hello. I'm looking at tampers amongst a multitude of other accoutrements and I'm getting a little confused, I'm just about to replace my first (faulty machine) so I'm sure I'll be looking for a 58mm tamper but I didn't know there would be further choices regarding the base of the tamper. Flat...
  7. Coffee Lounge
    Following on from Glens packing thread: IAbout a year ago I read an article about tamping on (in between my party-hard active life obviously!... ahem...) It totallt change the way I think abouit espresso and the processes we go through enumerate times hourly to make them. The...
1-7 of 7 Results