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  1. Coffee Beans
    A patient at work today found out that I drink coffee and enjoy "proper coffee" and not instant. He asked me "what type of coffee beans do I get?". This question (or the way he worded it) slightly confused me, so I asked what he meant. "I can get a bag of colombian beans" , but he said it in...
  2. Brewed Coffee
    Hi folks, Recently opened a bag of Rave's colombian suarez and having trouble getting a decent brew out of the aeropress. I've followed Rave's method and Foundry's but don't think either suit the Suarez that well? I've read it's meant to be a great bean if done correctly. Could anyone point me...
  3. Coffee Beans
    Hi, I'm not a coffee expert, but a bit of an addict and lover of good coffee. When I lived in Western Australia, I used to get my coffee from Five Senses. I had a somewhat unhealthy obsession with their AM Blend ( Now that I'm...
1-3 of 3 Results