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  1. Accessories
    Fully functional Amazon Dalian Coffee Roaster in used/like new condition Selling for £2100, and may be willing to a negotiate to a small extent. We've used this Amazon Dalian Coffee Roaster for 1 year, and the roaster was manufactured on 28-04-2018. We've gotten some fantastic roasts out of...
    £2,100 GBP
  2. Sold
    Price: £2,800 excluding delivery Delivery: Buyer to organise delivery (will be in 2 boxes) Included: Aillio Bullet R1 V2 Motorised 'Coffee Tea' Cooler from Taiwan Original Aillio cooler also included (comes as standard with the Bullet) Custom Metal Bean Deflector RAM Inline Cooling Fan...
    £2,800 GBP
  3. Sold
    View Advert Aillio Bullet R1 V2 + Motorised Cooler + Accessories for Sale Price: £2,800 excluding delivery Delivery: Buyer to organise delivery (will be in 2 boxes) Included: Aillio Bullet R1 V2 Motorised 'Coffee Tea' Cooler from Taiwan Original Aillio cooler also included (comes...
  4. eBay Auction and Gumtree Links
    Hi all, I saw this on eBay and thought it may be what someone is looking for. All the best Ian
  5. Coffee Business Owner Support Forum
    Hi all I run a small batch coffee roasting business. Currently roast on a Gene Cafe 1200. I'm looking at new roasters and either selling the Gene or keeping as a backup. I think I have looked at every roaster on the market it the last few weeks and the one that I keep coming back to is...
  6. Coffee Beans
    Probably worth a thread on its own and not tucking it into the roaster lockdown thread. Dave Stanton has just sent out a lovely message to everyone on his email list, informative, frank and honest, and with discount code CAFFEINMAG10 across the site and also a link to an interesting video on...
  7. Sold
    For sale is my Dalian Amazon 1kg Electric Roaster. Started a little business with this about 2 years ago and now have a slightly bigger roaster. It does roast good coffee and is great to roast for yourself or as a start into the world of roasting. We would keep it as it really is a pretty...
  8. Home Roasters
    After a considerable project overrun I have finally received the roaster section of my backer reward for the Power Roaster campaign. I am not going to pretend this thing is perfect as they are experiencing a few teething troubles with quiet a lot of units arriving with components lose inside the...
  9. Sold
    For sale is my Gene Cafe CBR-101A, including the voltage regulator mod, bought from Bella Barista in August 2017. This includes: - Gene Cafe CBR-101A (The roaster) - All the accessories: Large Chaff Collector, scoop and brush; - Spare bumper; - Manual written for Bella Barista by DavecUK...
  10. Introductions
    Hi can anyone give me any feedback or thoughts on this roaster / Any information will be hugely appreciated !! Thanks Sean
  11. Sold
    Hi All Well I've put my order in for a new Cormorant 600g gas roaster and to that end am putting the Quest M3 up for sale, bought on here earlier this year from JLarkin. I've probably done about 50 odd roasts on it so far - but I'd say it's had fairly light usage overall. Learning to roast was...
  12. Coffee Accessories
    Hello folks I've decided to sell my specialty coffee business in Glasgow, is it okay to put info on coffee forums and which thread is best to put it in? Steph
  13. Coffee Lounge
    Hi all, I'm curious to know if anyone knows of any good coffee shops that rotate coffee supply by using guest coffee roasters in the UK? Thanks
  14. Introductions
    With over 40 single origin coffee beans, delicious in-house blends and a wide range of decaf coffees, you can discover a whole world of flavour from our roastery in Guildford, Surrey. Established in 2012 by Petra and Graham, Redber has now grown into an eclectic team of seven coffee lovers, who...
  15. Sold
    Hi all. I have a Gene Cafe CBR-1200 1kg roaster for sale. The machine has been well used and has had a few issues recently so I am selling for a very low price in case anyone is interested in a refurb or for spare parts. I am looking for £400 collected (north Notts) but open to offers. Brand new...
  16. Sold
    Bought from Bella Barista in 2009. This is the newer revised model. Excellent condition and has had very little use. Used a dozen times in the past few years! The only blemish is a hairline crack on the plastic lid which in no way affects performance. Comes in the original box, original chaff...
  17. Home Roasters
    Hi Guys, I am a product design student looking to design a domestic coffee roaster. I've gained a lot of insight from my initial research however it is still new territory to me. I am a coffee enthusiast myself, however have only ever tried roasting beans in a skillet at home. I am aiming at...
  18. Coffee Beans
    Can anyone recommend a good supplier of freshly roasted beans in South Wales?
  19. Coffee Accessories
    Designed by Tom Metcalfe , Found this after reading the resurrected top 10 best espresso machines thread . Thought it was an interesting to watch
  20. Coffee Beans
    Not sure if anyone else has been here but I have frequented this place many times... although his beans don't vary too much (not label wise anyway) they are always fresh... good pricing too... check him out, his name is George... If you want some kick to your coffee get 250g of Santos Dark and...
1-20 of 22 Results