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  1. Coffee Lounge
    Phil Wain has reached part four of his fascinating history of speciality coffee in London. It's 2009 and Glenn and the Forum get a well-deserved acknowledgement. The whole article is here, and well worth a read, wherever you live, as the previous parts, but this is the sentence about the...
  2. Announcements Archive
    New Badges have been rolled out today to create a uniform look across the site. Awarded to members with 5000 posts of more Awarded to members with 2000 - 4999 posts Existing badges have been remodelled Badges may be stacked if you meet more than 1 criteria Further...
  3. Announcements Archive
    We're giving away 2 Limited Edition Coffee Forums UK KeepCups To enter; Nominate a member who has helped you out over the past couple of months Please briefly describe why you have nominated that person. I will draw a winner (and may check on the likes tallies for each as well ) and...
  4. New Members Section
    Just registered hoping for some good advise. Mike
  5. Announcements Archive
    A new version of Tapatalk has been installed This brings us up to the latest version, making browsing Coffee Forums UK from mobiles even easier
  6. Introductions
    John from Rugby, just learning the ropes
  7. Coffee Accessories
    The Grindoff is little over 3 weeks away so its time to reveal the 15 grinder line-up for the Grindoff - arranged by coffeechap Definite: Anfim Caimano Bezerra BB105 Brasilia RR55 OD Compak K10 Compak K6 Eureka Mignon Iberital MC2 La Cimbali Magnum Mahlkonig K30 Mahlkonig Vario...
  8. Announcements Archive
    Save the date - Saturday 28 September 2013 Coffee Forums UK members are invited to a Meet the Members day on Saturday 28 September 2013. Times: 1100 till 1700 Cost: Free This will be a great chance to meet fellow members, try out a range of HX, dual boiler and possibly lever coffee...
  9. Syndicated News and Coffee Tweets around the world
    coffee_forums: Coffee Forums UK is pleased to announce that we have our own KeepCups! We'll be giving some away as prizes More... Follow Coffee Forums UK on Twitter @coffee_forums
  10. Announcements Archive
    We're excited to announce that we have commissioned a Limited Edition* Coffee Forums UK KeepCup The Coffee Forums UK KeepCups are 8oz in size and will be given away as prizes on the forum throughout the year A small number of Coffee Forums UK KeepCups are available to purchase for £11.00...
  11. Introductions
    Hi folks After lurking for a bit I wanted to jump in and start posting myself. It's great to find a passionate UK community and I'm looking forward to learn a lot - both for personal enjoyment and to help develop what my partner are hoping to start off as a weekend / hobby coffee business...
  12. Announcements Archive
    We're always trying to improve your browsing and interactive experience. What new features would you like to see on Coffee Forums UK? We have some ideas we are working on but would like to hear what you would like. If it's feasible gains enough support then there's a good likelihood it will...
  13. Introductions
    Hello everyone Am Portia and am new in the group, looking forward to learning and sharing........
  14. Announcements Archive
    Welcome aboard as a Coffee Forums UK Advertiser - Smokey Barn Coffee Roasters Please consider Smokey Barn when buying your next batch of coffee beans
  15. Announcements Archive
    "Where can I buy Nespresso capsules" and "cheap Nespresso" are 2 of our most popular searches on Coffee Forums UK. The best place we have found is here. By purchasing from this link you are also helping keep Coffee Forums UK free for members.
  16. Coffee Lounge
    Christmas is a time for reflection and this year I thought it might be nice for members to nominate or thank a fellow forum member who has helped them enjoy coffee this year, through their time, advice or generosity. We have some really lovely members on Coffee Forums UK and constantly get...
  17. Introductions
    This is my new favourite forum! I'm Al from Edinburgh - my mission is to make my mug of breakfast coffee as good as I've tasted in Italy - really strong, hardly any bitterness or acidity and bursting with flavour. I wish I'd asked how they made it.. I've been buying pre-ground from various...
  18. Announcements Archive
    You may have noticed a few new badges have popped up next to some peoples names in the past few hours. The badges we have introduced are; Admin, Moderator, YYYY Supporter and Super Supporter The Admin and Moderator buttons are assigned by Admin to those who help maintain Coffee Forums UK...
  19. Introductions
    Hi all, Im fairly new to the world of coffee. Loved drinking it for years but after a visit to a friends house am now looking at my own home set-up. Joined here to check out opinions and advice before spending my hard earned cash. Looking forward to reading everyones views. Cheers
1-19 of 43 Results