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  1. Coffee Accessories
    So thinking of Xmas, I was considering adding a few coffee items to my list as A: I'm using the machine daily still, B: i can dictate he item and the price allocation (otherwise MIL insists on buying random crap and this year will be worse than usual) Was going to get the other half a rave...
  2. Deals
    Email reads:- Sorry to mention the C word in January We're either late to the party or very early! 25% OFF CHRISTMAS BLEND ROAST: MEDIUM | DARK IN THE CUP: CHOCOLATE, SPICES & RED FRUITS DISCOUNT CODE : TWENTYFIVE 25% DISCOUNT AVAILABLE FOR 25hrs.. WHILE STOCKS LAST TERMS &...
  3. Coffee Lounge
    Sprouts! Rows! Monopoly! Groaning tummies! Food! Booze! Boxing day walks! And you'll have lots more, I'm sure! Did I mention repeats?! I don't think there's ever likely to be a Christmas coffee-song to challenge the 12 days Of Hissmas released last Christmas by @Snakehips ProDucktions! And...
  4. Coffee Lounge
    Christmas/Holidays/Gifting/Sprouts Day is coming! Countdown to the big day with a festive edition of the CFUK Advent Calendar! To get us started here's December 1st through the rectangular window! Top Tip: Make sure to break clumps and distribute your grinds thoroughly.
  5. Sold
    Christmas is coming and we have a special offer for forum members. We have 4 ex demo machines available at a very special price for the festive season and due to our upcoming factory move. All machines are a stainless steel case and PTFE internal pipework. The Vesuvius is an advanced...
  6. Coffee Lounge
    'Twas the night before Christmas And the beans have all run out, The coffee machine's not working It needs a good bash and a clout! The grinder's full of gravel And the milk has all gone off, The bar towel is full of holes And I've really had enough. I dropped the flipping tamper It...
  7. Coffee Lounge
    Rumour has it Santa and her Elf will be launching a compendium, nay an Extravagana, of Christmas-Coffee related fun, frivolities and sensational entertainments next week for all the family here on the forum! Watch this space as a procession of other-worldly delights unfold before your...
  8. Coffee Lounge
    So, what are you hoping he will bring you ??
  9. Coffee Beans
    I'm sure a few us have plans to get in something "special" for the Christmas period. Just wondering if anyone has decided what to go for yet? It may be slightly risky to go for something I've not tried yet, but the new Guatemalan from Foundry sounds amazing and may well get the nod from me.
  10. Gaggia Forum
    For Christmas I'm getting a s/h classic ( I know I am, I bought it yesterday ) It has the Silvia steam wand already. I'm just thinking of accessories/add ons/upgrades that I should put on my list I've already got a pid and a timer, which I never fitted to the delonghi, so those will be...
  11. Introductions
    I'm new to making espresso, but love it so much. Got my first pressurised coffe machine for Christmas. Trying to get most out of it. Found about this forum on reddit. After reading tons of stuff realised I need a grinder and fresh beans instead of pre-ground coffee from supermarkets which I'm...
  12. Coffee Lounge
    Hi all, apologies this is London specific. The London coffee festival guys and Spin London are doing a coffee and bikes Christmas special in Shoreditch. I'm going tomorrow for the afternoon session and was wondering if any other forum members were planning on being there? link below; it's...
  13. Coffee Lounge
    My Warmest Wishes for a Very Happy Christmas to all Forum readers. So what did you get that was coffee related this year? My wife gave me (amongst many other things) a carefully researched recipe for a spiced coffee grog (spiced butter, cream and rum figure highly in it). But it came with a...
  14. Coffee Accessories
    Ok so I've been reading the threads about the VST baskets and keep being asked what I want for Christmas so I've come to the conclusion that a VST basket (and some Square Mile Red Brick) would fit the bill nicely. I am currently using the standard silvia basket and dosing around 16g, my triple...
  15. Coffee Accessories
    Christmas is coming. Don't deny it!! So what completely unnecessary and purely indulgent coffee-related items would you put on your letter to Santa, considering reindeer-mail takes 6-8 weeks to arrive?
  16. Barista Skills for the home enthusiast
    Fairly new to this quest for a prefect home espresso, my good lady got me a Gaggia Baby Class for Christmas so have been trying to get it right ever since. Okay so, is there a correct amount of coffee to be using? I've read several different amounts but they seem to be between 14g and 16g? I...
  17. Commercial | Special Offers
    Check out Beanies Christmas Nights Flavoured Coffee -
  18. Coffee Beans
    Hi everyone After trying Starbucks Christmas blend I do fancy a coffee with a bit of a "Christmas spice" to it if you know what I mean. Has Beans Christmas Blend isn't going to be on sale for a while yet so I am looking for suggestions if anyone has any. Many thanks HLA91
1-18 of 24 Results