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  1. Brewed Coffee
    I'd like to have a go at making filtered coffee so looking for some advice and people's opinion on what the best method is? I currently just drink espresso at home and use the Aeropress when traveling. I get a decent cup from the Aeropress but not great. My preference is light roasted fruity...
  2. Brewed Coffee
    Been toying with a new Chemex for a week or so and am (mostly) making a beautifully light, clean, but generic tasting cup. I cant seem to pull the same type of fruity notes that i'm nailing with my espresso set up though. I've been using two beans, a Guatemalan and a Kenyan that when I make...
  3. Brewed Coffee
    Came across this method courtesy of Hasbean. Using paper filters - 65grms of beans per litre of water. So, for a 500grm brew, you will need 32.5grms of coarse grind. Water temp should be around 95C Wash paper and warm the Chemex 1: 125grms pour and bloom 2: At 30secs on the clock...
  4. Brewed Coffee
    Does anyone use or know of a heat pad that can used with a Chemex, etc? cheers
  5. Sold
    We are about to take delivery of a new Synchronika and would like some nice cups for the occasion....thinking of the ilk of porcelain Loveramics/Acme of similar....or w.h.y? Could also do with a few shot glasses if you had some you would part with. This would be in exchange for an 8 Cup Chemex...
  6. Brewed Coffee
    Hello, I am quite new to making coffee beyond instant and I've been having issues. Today I tried to make a litre with 65 grams of coffee in my Chemex. I used a gooseneck kettle in the hopes of getting better results but with the bloom I had such a large surface area that it felt impossible to...
  7. Sold
    As the title says. In excellent condition. Very little used. I would say there are about 80 papers left. But don't hold me to that. £40 inc P+P
  8. Sold
    This piece of pure beauty is up for grabs. It has sat in the back of my cupboard for too long now, and deserves to be appreciated a bit more. 6 cup wood collared Chemex, complete with almost a whole box of filter papers. Only used a handful of times - personally I'm not a huge fan of chemex...
  9. Brewed Coffee
    My latest pack of FP-2 are noticeably thicker than all the ones I have had in the past, and don't seem to fold perfectly symmetrical either. Has anybody else noticed this?
  10. Show Off Your Setup
    Sadly I've outgrown by trusty Gaggia Cubika after buying it 4 years ago for £99 refurbished from Gaggia when I was 17 and my older brothers got me hooked on making coffee. However, I can no longer handle the unpredictability of it especially as it hasn't aged well. All this has been further...
  11. Brewed Coffee
    Hi all, wondering what the best size Chemex is for me. It's likely it will be mainly 1-2 cup brews most of the time but I want the ability to do more if needed. Can you make a good single mug brew with the 6 cup one? I realise their cup size is 5oz which is small so to serve 4 people what I co...
  12. Sold
    Hello need to sell quite a few items due to upgrading and need space for new gear Hario gooseneck kettle - £30 Chemex 6 cup with papers - £30 Rattleware latte art jug £15 Motta tulip yellow £5 Motta 500ml £10 Ims comp basket £7 handmade dirossi tamper 58.45 £45 (slight dint, cosmetic)
  13. Brewed Coffee
    How coarse do I grind for a chemex please guys, slightly finer than I would for normal filter?
  14. Coffee Lounge
    How less effective it would be? Can I get a good cup of coffee? Which pour-over method will be the most efficient with this type of kettle? Will it create too much problem for V60?
  15. Sold
    Pretty much as the title says. In excellent condition with very little use at all. Filter papers are unbleached and number wise I'm not going to count them, but will safely say there's more than 50 and less than 100 £40 inc P&P
  16. All Grinders & Hand-Grinders
    Hey guys, I'm getting back into manual espresso so on the look out for a machine and grinder set up, current budget around £1000 I've been trying to source a Mazzer Super Jolly or similar but then it's occurred to me that I enjoy some Chemex / Pour Over action too. Would a SJ be able to cope...
  17. Introductions
    Hi everyone my name is leandro and I am new to the forum. I previously mainly used stove top for espresso but have recently purchased a chemex pour over which I am enjoying but still finding my feet with it. Hope to learn a bit through this forum and share my experiences too :-)
  18. Show Off Your Setup
    Hi, I have finally managed to finish my home setup for making coffee, aiming for quality and small footprint. The tray is 44 x 36 cm. How many different ways of making coffee can you identify?
  19. Brewed Coffee
    I've currently got a 6 cup bialetti moka express to complement my Gaggia Classic (which I'm also looking to upgrade). Would I benefit from a chemex for the days I'm feeling like a black cup of Joe? In the main I add a bit of water to the moka brew at the moment.
  20. Coffee Lounge
    I usually go to bed around 00:45 - 01:15. So it's soon bedtime and I'm already looking forward to waking up naturally at around 07:30 - 08:30 and drinking great Americano / espresso coffee. Brewed via Hausgrind / Aeropress or Chemex - espresso via Mazzer Royal / ECM
1-20 of 76 Results