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  1. Coffee Lounge
    Earlier today, a friend posted a picture on social media showing a large pile of Nespresso™ style capsules she had been given to try. What she undoubtedly saw as good coffee, I saw as an environmental disaster, and I said so. Her reply was 'they're aluminium' as though that made everything...
  2. Coffee Accessories
    Hi all Apologies if this has been covered but I've searched and not found anything! ive just ordered 150 vertuoplus capsules but need a reasonably priced capsule holder for them! Anyone found anything really useful? £22.99 for Nespresso's cube seems a bit excessive to me thanks in advance
  3. Coffee Lounge
    I'd just like to hear peoples views on the rise of Nespresso/coffee capsules, personally I find the body of the coffee very light and watery. I guess people seeking a quick caffeine hit are the target market? Opinions/views?
  4. Coffee Lounge
    Hi Everyone, Wanted to share a short article that was written about us over the weekend. If anyone wants more information, please PM me. Many thanks, Amir
  5. Sold
    As above - bought these to try - and concluded that although these are the closest I've got - Nespresso (in all it's forms) just isn't my bag. The full pack is 40 capsules and £26 posted. This is 31 capsules. Most of the nine are taken from the least expensive of the three coffees, so I'm left...
  6. Coffee Lounge
    Hello, I know some people will read this and will look at me and think of me in disgust I do apologise. At a starting point I much prefer my coffee pods and machines rather than grinding my own beans. For now anyway. I love my Nespresso and Milk Citiz Machine. I also love the price of the...
  7. Deals
    400 Empty Compatible Capsules for Nespresso Coffee Machine. Anyone tried them? They seem pretty cheap. Click Here to view
  8. Coffee Lounge
    I have been handed an empty box that contained Nespresso Roma Capsules/Pods, and asked to find out where the best place is to buy these. The question has been posed on behalf of my wife's work colleague who has a Nespresso machine at home. Web links would be appreciated as mail order is her...
1-8 of 8 Results