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  1. Grinders
    Hi there, Desperately looking for a set of original e37s 83mm burrs for my ceado grinder. Would really appreciate if someone has spare ones to sell? I would also consider third party ones if they are An improvement over the originel OE ones like SSP. Thanks a lot
    £1 GBP
  2. Sold
    SSP Lab Sweet 64mm These burrs are pretty much new, roughly had 1kg - 2kg through them when I had my DF64. Since I don’t have a 64mm grinder anymore and want to test a big flat out I need to move these on. Collection is possible or can be posted for £10. Many Thanks
    £180 GBP
  3. Sold
    Wilfa Uniform grinder with 58mm flat burrs. selling due to getting a Niche. Bought in October 2019. Grinder is a single does grinder with auto off (which I really miss on the Niche) which stops when the grinding is done. Has an anti static metal grounds bin and does an all round good job...
  4. All Grinders & Hand-Grinders
    I recently replaced the burrs on my Mazzer SJ with some brand-new stock burrs from Coffehit. (I bought the SJ secondhand a couple of years ago and the old burrs were what were in the machine when I got it.) For the first few days, the new burrs seemed great. Making my morning cappuccino on my...
  5. Mazzer Grinders
    Hi all, hope you're staying safe in these crazy times. I was wondering if anyone here has had experience, positive or otherwise, with non OEM burrs sold on theespressoshop. Would it be wise for me to save a few bucks on them and use that money, in turn, to buy more coffee? Or am I better off...
  6. Technical | Faults | How-to's
    I took apart my Wilfa Svart grinder, did a bit of cleaning and reset things as normal, something I've done several times before. My next set of grounds was full of boulders on my usual 'T' of 'FILTER' setting. Setting to a finer setting produces finer coffee with no boulders, but there's now...
  7. Sold
    Probably no interest in them on here, but I thought as they're going on ebay too it'd be rude not too. Taken out of a brand new EK43 (purchased last month). Other than any testing that they do at Mahlkonig these haven't had 1 coffee bean through them. £350 Price includes Royal Mail special...
  8. Sold
    For sale is my Mazzer grinder. Good points: Still grinds good coffee - I have attached a photo of the titanium burrs It has a new power cord Comes with the higher capacity hopper These are awesome machines! Not so good points: Cosmetically it has had some use (I have tried to show...
  9. Sold
    This is a nice clean machine, Simple to use, sub 4000 shots and does a decent and consistent espresso grind. I bought it without a hopper but couldn't source one in this country so it has one which has been 'encouraged to fit' and works fine. I've also just realised after taking photos that...
  10. Sold
    Hi guys, For sale is my Mazzer Mini E Type A grinder, with 4 month old burrs fitted. I bought it from a user on this forum about 18 months ago, and it's seen one or two 18g shots per day since I've had it, and the previous owner said they made 4-6 shots a day. It is 6 years old, and only ever...
  11. Technical | Faults | How-to's
    Hi, I have a Cunill Iberital Marfill grinder which I bought second hand. The grinder was working perfectly the last time that I used it, yet today it mysteriously is acting very, very strangely. When I switched it on, the sound was very muffled - it's usually quite a noisy beast - and it did not...
  12. Sold
    have managed to source a small 320g hopper which will clear my kitchen units, so i'm withdrawing this for now
  13. Coffee Lounge
    Does anyone know where Mazzer SJ originally burrs for cheap?
  14. All Grinders & Hand-Grinders
    Looking for replacement burrs in Ireland Prob is some company's based in UK will not post or the prices are extortionate. Any ideas please?
  15. Coffee Accessories
    Have ignorance, need relieving please. I see many common references to burr diameter in grinders, 50mm, 55mm, 63mm, bigger being better but only up to a point etc etc. But where is the diameter measured? For conical burrs is it outer dia of outer burr, inner dia of outer burr, outer dia of...
  16. All Grinders & Hand-Grinders
    Hi all, Just a quick question I hope but I cant seem to find the answer. I am looking to replace the burrs on my Royal but I cant find the difference between these two parts numbers... Will the Mazzer T151A burrs fit my Mazzer Royal? They fit the Mazzer Major. Or do I need then Mazzer T151B...
  17. Technical | Faults | How-to's
    I just got a well used Mazzer Mini which had been in storage for a while. I gave it a general clean including the burrs, but when I put it back together again it isn't grinding fine enough. If I turn the wheel towards finer, there comes a point where the beans don't go down into the burrs at...
  18. Sold
    Hello, For a sale Mazzer Major with 83mm burrs. It is a Drogeria model with modification of Doserless. Renovated 2 years ago. Painted by a professional painter. Replaced blades/burrs with original ones (cost me about 50gbp). Works perfectly and it is in very good condition. The grinder is...
  19. All Grinders & Hand-Grinders
    I was expecting to find loads of threads on this but either my searching is rubbish or there aren't many threads. I'm hopefully getting new burrs sometime next week. I'm sure i've read about using stale beans or rice to season (or get any manufacturing residue from) new burrs, but how much are...
  20. Technical | Faults | How-to's
    Not got a manual on this grinder and have searched the internet and i cant find any info on how to get to the Burrs. Anyone got any idea on how to take apart so i can give them a clean.
1-20 of 66 Results