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  1. Sold
    New bottomless portafilter with a double basket and a rosewood handle. Purchased from a private individual who said it had a 58mm basket so I hoped it would fit my Gaggia Classic as the "ears" looked to be in the right place and size ! My Gaggia baskets fit perfectly but the ears are a tiny...
  2. Coffee Accessories
    Hi all I'm new to the forum so I hope I have posted this to the correct section. I own a sage barista express, and have been looking at getting a 54mm portafilter machined out to a bottomless one as I cannot seem to find a uk supplier for a bottomless type. I have order a new portafilter...
  3. Introductions
    Hi all, I've been posting a bit here and there but I think it is time for a proper introduction. I'm Jim 25 years of age and working as my nickname suggest in aviation. Living in Essex and Amsterdam. My coffee love started from my ex-girlfriend who had several barista degrees etc. She took...
  4. Sold
    Hi guys Having a clear out of some new and some used bits New Bottomless portafilter with double basket SOLD thanks New Espresso gear convex tamper 58mm £35 posted Used Sage knock box mini in very good condition SOLD thanks Used Sage milk pitcher in good condition £13...
  5. Sold
    I have a bottomless portafilter i bought with my Speedster. The handle on it did did not match the other two portafilter handles that are standard with the machine. I now have one with matching handle, therefore this one is up for sale. I am looking for £35 incl postage, no offers please...
  6. Coffee Accessories
    Will a decent grinder I.e Eureka Mignon stop bottomless portafilter spray? (this isn't my only reason for buying a new grinder! Just wondering) Thanks All.
  7. Coffee Accessories
    Does anyone use one? Quite interested in getting one. How much does it affect the taste?
  8. Lever Forum
    Is it possible to get a bottomless portafilter for a Europiccola?
  9. Gaggia Forum
    Sorry if this has been asked before but I cannot find it on the forum if it has, but what are the benefits of bottomless portafilter over a standard one for my Classic? Is it worth the money?
  10. Gaggia Forum
    Hi guys A quick bit of background. I've got a Gaggia Classic on which I've adjusted the OPV so I'm running 10 bar static pressure. My shots are OK, but not great, and lacking in consistency. I'm looking at refining my dosing, distribution and tamping technique and, along with weighing my...
  11. Alex Duetto Forum
    Is anyone using a bottomless portafilter with a Duetto IV? If so which one have you got to fit? Should I get one of mine made bottomless? Thanks Paul
  12. Coffee Lounge
    I bought one of these of eBay recently and my tamping is so bloody inconsistent. I've coffee spewing out at all angles at times. I have to admit to the immense satisfaction when I get it right. It has however caused my cleaning to go hyper-OCD if I flush and the water isn't distributed evenly...
  13. Coffee Lounge
    Just been playing around went to use my as yet unopened 20g vst only to find it is one of the ones marked 17. No problem though gutted just went to upload the video but my phones rubbish and stopped recording. the resulting cup is this though. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk 4
  14. Coffee Lounge
    Did this happened to you? I bought a bottomless portafilter for my Silvia. The basket seems to be 20g. I tried it and discovered that it leaks all over the place with its filter and also with Silvias original...
  15. Gaggia Forum
    So my new filter holder arrived from HD and seems really well made, along with a double basket. I had two quick goes this morning but it filled my 2oz cup in about twelve seconds. I thought I had ground fine enought (10 on my Rancilio Rocky), and gave a good tamp. Will try again tomorrow with...
  16. Introductions
    Hi everyone my name is Kevin. I have enjoyed coffee for many years and finally have embarked on trying to improve my brew. I have just bought a Rancilio Silvia v3 and a bottomless portafilter with a VST filter. Now I am looking for a nice fitting tamper for the VST (58mm or 58.5?) and burr...
  17. Show Off Your Setup
    Hi, we all know what a Gaggia Classic looks like, but I thought I'd post anyway so you can see how it looks with a Vario Grinder. Photo was taken just before Sunday morning coffee. Sandy you will be pleased to know that my medium Costa cups are warming behind me.
1-18 of 18 Results