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  1. Coffee Lounge
    There was a piece on this mornings 'Woman's Hour'on BBC Radio about a newly invented product for biodegradable coffee cups. Came in about 10.16am
  2. Coffee Beans
    Just received the newsletter email from Rave saying that they are switching to biodegradable coffee packaging come March. Does anyone know of other companies that use this type of bag? I would rather give my money to companies that are investing in recyclables rather than one-use disposable...
  3. Coffee Lounge
    Well guys, gotta say I'm happy , signed up for a coffee offer from a company called yallah coffee and it came in some biodegradable or fully recyclable packaging, including the bag, which is an excellent innovation. basically you can stick it in either your recycling bin or your waste bin and...
  4. New Members Section
    Hello, can anyone give me advice as to how I should be getting rid of my waste from a mobile coffee van. I'm using biodegradable cups. My local trade tip wants £28 a drop!!
  5. Coffee Business Owner Support Forum
    i'm looking for some biodegradable take away cups, in white, UNMARKED! do such things exist? i've had a good search around and found some bio cups with writing all over them - these are as close as i've come at garraways. if anyone has any suggestions that would be great
  6. Coffee Business Owner Support Forum
    Hey guys Here's a question, what do you guys do/think that we, as baristas and coffee shop owners should be specifically doing to improve the green credentials of our coffee bars? From the simple recycling milk cartons, to weird and unique methods to save energy? Chris
1-6 of 6 Results