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  1. Introductions
    Just moved to Berlin after a while in London. Somehow I never got into coffee as much in London as I have here and I'm now experimenting with a bunch of stuff.
  2. Sold
    I have an unopened 250g pack of Dambi Uddo beans roasted on 6th September at The Barn in Berlin. I have no idea about the roast or the bean and I only ordered them in order to get a metal lid for my Aergrind as they were part of a package deal. I will throw in two sample packs from them as...
  3. Find a Coffeeshop
    I am currently staying in Berlin for a few days and so I'm looking to try out a few coffee joints whilst in here. I might pick up some beans if available too. I've just been to the Barn which seems quite nice. I'm wondering if there are any other recommended spots around, ideally places which...
  4. Coffee Lounge
    I'm curious as to where people think is the most exciting city/area for coffee. Berlin seems really interesting and packed full of roasters/cafes and I'm really keen to go, but there's plenty of other fantastic roasters and cafes around the world. I thought Dublin was really cool, and I always...
  5. Coffee Lounge
    [*amongst other reasons] Whenever we go away she immediately looks for the best coffee shops to keep me happy. We've just booked a weekend in Berlin, and my first thought turned to The Barn. So I started Googling and she looked over my shoulder and asked how I knew about it. I gave her the...
  6. Coffee Beans
    Hey all - so I was in Berlin recently and stopped by Tres Cabezas. My preferred drink is a flat white, and I honestly think it could've been one of the best I had there. They was using their own blends - I was wondering if...
  7. Coffee Lounge
    Visit Die Espressonisten! Coffee lover's porn house.
  8. Coffee Beans
    I'll be visiting Berlin next week. I've got the obvious coffee spots bookmarked from previous visits (The Barn, Five Elephant), but the question is 'which beans should I bring back with me?' Exclusively for filter; fruitier = better. Suggestions please!
  9. Coffee Beans
    Ok folks. Apologies for going slightly early on this. I know that we are all still enjoying the March offering from Rave at the moment. However, April's submission will need a bit of organising so trying to stay ahead of the game! Very pleased to announce that the April LSOL will be from The...
  10. Coffee Beans
    Every other barista I talk to seems to hold five elephant (and the barn), beans in high esteem and talks about how they'll soon be using them. I've personally never had five elephant coffee so can anyone tell me if they have and why there's so much hype? Cheers Unoll
  11. Coffee Accessories
    A few months ago I was in Berlin and saw this crazy line up of k30s at what seems to be a ludicrous height. Thought someone as weird as me might appreciate it.
  12. Coffee Beans
    My lovely other half just returned from Berlin with a bag of Bonanza's Muthigi-Ini Kenyan, and The Barn's Finca Tamana Colombian. Both sound great from looking at their sites. Anyone got first hand experience?
  13. Coffee Lounge
    Hi guys Have just booked a long weekend in Berlin for end of March/start of April. I've read about Bonanza, Coffee CK, Kristiania, NoMoreSleep and TheBarn but would like to hear experiences from you lot since you are fussy like me Anybody been over and found decent places? Cheers Michael
  14. Find a Coffeeshop
    Double Eye Akazienstrasse 22 10823 Berlin We all know how difficult it is to find great coffee when you're out and about and this can present itself tenfold in a different country. Berlin is a place I have been a lot this year, it's the chosen venue for the recording of my band's new album...
1-14 of 16 Results