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  1. Coffee Accessories
    As my Behmor Brazen is getting quite frequent use lately (with everyone being home) I'm starting to run low on the Bunn 20106.0000 filters. However HasBean where I originally got them from doesn't seem to stock them anymore. Does anyone know any other model that fits in the same way and can be...
  2. Brewed Coffee
    Hey folks, Looking for suggestions for an electric brewer? I know little. Is the non sca certified melitta look 4 no good? Is the moccamaster or the wilfa that much better than the melitta? Where can you buy a behmor these days? With 2 toddlers around me I think thermal carafe is now an...
  3. Sold
    Hello I have decided to sell my Behmor brazen. I have owned the machine since November it was originally purchase in September. I have only been using it at weekends and though it produces great coffee I am the only coffee drinker in the house so it is a big overkill and I am going back to v60...
  4. Sold
    Behmor Brazen £100 plus postage Limited use as I can't achieve what I want to achieve, and have limited patience. May swap for something cool.
  5. Brewed Coffee
    Can anyone answer a couple of basic questions. If using filter papers, do you wet them first or wet them in situ with the water going into the thermos to warm it. Also, do you put the filter paper straight into the mesh basket or just the plastic thing?
  6. Brewed Coffee
    A couple of good reviews out there on this new Brew/Filter machine. Clearly the levels of user control - especially on the water temperature - are being well-received. Anyone know of a UK distributor/retailer for Behmor likely to stock this?
1-6 of 6 Results