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  1. Discounts and Offers
    So I ordered some beans from darkwoods this weekend I received them today, no roast date just a best before march 2022. How fresh are these beans likely to be, I'm assuming they are good to do without waiting for them to degas
  2. Coffee Beans
    Hi All I really like the Mystery roast No13 from coffee compass. I intend to order another 3Kg before it runs out. I'm the only drinker in the house so it will last 4 months. I'm intending to purchase some 250g valve coffee storage bags (Like what they would arrive in straight from the...
  3. Coffee Beans
    Hi All, About 2 months ago i bought some Ethiopia Nuguse Mare from @Cartwheel Coffee. It was amazing! really sweet and tasted like strawberry, however they no longer seem to do it on its own. Im aware misspent youth contains Nuguse Mare but its not the same. Anyone know of any shop in...
  4. Coffee Beans
    Dear all, Just a quick one, I've started using the app Bean Beast to track my beans, recipes, etc. And I just wondered if anyone else did the same and had an expert of their list. Cheers
  5. Coffee Beans
    Hey foks, Looking to sign up to dog and hat or hasbean for a 4x 250g delivery per month to try expose myself to different beans from different regions with different tasting notes etc. Ive only had my machine a few days but I was wondering what most of you do with your beans in the evening...
  6. Coffee Beans
    Allo, hope you are all in good health and enjoying the sunshine. Medium time lurker, first post. I've been into coffee for a while, at least since having a first child 7 years ago. I've tried a variety of beans over that time. Most of the time we tend to drink Lavazza blends ( Crema e Aroma &...
  7. Introductions
    Hello! First time poster, short time lurker - although quite a focused bit of lurking due to having a bit of extra time on my hands at the moment. I'm down in Brighton so lots of nice coffee shops around. I like drinking espresso based coffee, usually with a bit of milk, like cortado or...
  8. Coffee Beans
    Does anyone have any good recommendation for espresso beans from Coffee Link. I have enjoyed their espresso blend, but would like to try more of their offerings without the risk of pot luck! Cheers.
  9. Coffee Beans
    Hi everyone, first post here! I've been looking for some more decaf to try and looked at previous topics but wanted to know if anyone has tried any coffee from Just Decaf They seem to have lots of naturally decaffeinated coffee that look really interesting...
  10. Technical | Faults | How-to's
    Hello :) I'm looking for some advice please. I bought my partner a coffee grinder for Christmas... I think we ground the beans too fine and we seemed to have broken our delonghi coffee machine (the coffee/water would just spill out of the side, possibly we blocked something) anyhoo, we bought...
  11. Coffee Beans
    Inspired by HUKD - in the hope this post attracts all kind of discounts, vouchers and other offers for freshly roasted whole beans sold in the UK.
  12. Coffee Beans
    I've been advised to change my diet to reduce my LDL cholesterol level and some beans have lower cafestol which I understand can mitigate the risk. Does anyone know of low-cafestol beans I can order for an espresso maker? Or any advice besides paper filters? Thanks
  13. Coffee Beans
    Recommend me a bean similar to this one. I've seen a few posts like that, and gladly tried to participate without thinking too deep about the question. I tried this coffee, I also tried another one and I liked it for the same reason (whatever the reason might be), therefore I'd recommend it to...
  14. Coffee Beans
    Now at day 5 since roast these beans I bought are vacc'd and packed in freezer. I started on day 1 with a trial of a fine grind through the L1 that resulted in about 30 seconds pre without dripping and the another 60 seconds to exhaust completely the L1. Doing this I get it all, both good...
  15. Technical | Faults | How-to's
    Hi all, my melitta varianza cps machine isn't working well! It runs a drink process fully, but the beans aren't dropping through so im just left with hot water. The grinder is working and seems to think it has beans as the machine doesn't stop and give the "refill beans" on display Its out...
  16. Find a Coffeeshop
    There seems to be a trend for pulling espressos at home with very lightly roasted beans which are intended for filter coffee. I'be had mixed results trying this for myself. As it requires finer grinds and longer brew ratios than other espresso, most coffeeshops would find it a struggle to...
  17. Sold
    Got these left over from last week, about 180g of the Colombia and 200g of the Kenya. £10 posted for both.
  18. Coffee Beans
    As I go along my coffee journey, I would like to assign some rating to the beans I tried. First I tried to give "stars" or "likes", but then most of the beans was given 4 or 5 stars. This is not very informative. So I had a idea to have a Coffee Cup (I mean "cup" as in "World Cup"). The rules...
  19. Coffee Beans
    Hi all, So my last bag of beans where RAVEs Fudge Blend and while it was a lovely coffee like others I couldn't quite get the fudge notes so this time I'm thinking of trying Foundry Coffee Roasters RIO MAGDALENA - COLOMBIA as it sounds amazing. I had a small pouch of coffee beans a while back...
  20. Coffee Beans
    If used too early after roasting, like four or five days off gassing. What may I expect taste wise?
1-20 of 417 Results