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  1. For Sale or Swap
    I have assorted used but good quality cups for sale. I'm happy to list these as individual sales but if anyone wants to offer on a grouping of cups I will happily split and negotiate a good price! The following are all available 1X La Marzocco espresso demitasse (IPA cup w/saucer not IPA)...
  2. Coffee Accessories
    Waiting with baited breath on the outcome of an auction.... Mrs D has already won: Two mosaic cast iron garden chairs A nest of 3 G-Plan coffee tables A job lot of Kitchen cabinet doors A bent wood chair A Heinz 57 packing box (very old wooden one) Another coffee table We have crammed...
  3. Sold
    Hario Skerton Grinder £20 I've only had half a bag of beans go through it (approx 125g). I bought this back in May and has very little use. I would prefer this to be picked up. I live near the tube station in Victoria (London). Nespresso Cups (170ml) - SOLD ACF Cups (160ml) - Withdrawn
  4. Coffee Accessories
    Hi everyone, This is quite a specific requirement of mine.. Im after some high quality thick ceramic coffee cups. Most preferably ACF or Nuova point. I had a heap in Australia but sold them before I made my move, thinking it would be too much hassle to bring them over in my luggage to the UK...
  5. Coffee Accessories
    Hi all, I never used to think that it mattered what you drank coffee/espresso out of but more recently I'm starting to see the fascination with it, particularly with the thick walled demitasses that people are so keen on. I don't have a very large collection, I have two shot glass with measures...
  6. Coffee Accessories
    Just been checking out the Coffee Hit website and it seems they no longer stock ACF cups. The cups they have look similar to ACF cups but no mention is made of the ACF name so have to assume they are not. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  7. Coffee Accessories
    For those interested or thinking about buying new cups, Coffee Hit are selling their ACF cups at half price. The ACF cups are brilliant, thick walled and hold the heat very well. Grab a bargain everyone.
  8. Coffee Accessories
    Before DavidS gets too excited I do mean drinking cups My wife and I drink lattes mostly and we currently use some 10oz mugs. I am looking for something very similar, not too cheap, but not too expensive either - I do need to get the purchase order approved I want something white, classy...
  9. Coffee Business Owner Support Forum
    Can anyone recommend a decent supplier for ceramic cups? I'm looking preferably for thick walled cups, but in black - can't seem to find anywhere? Cheers
1-9 of 9 Results